An ongoing training and development programme serves to keep the team of erectors, inspectors and
all certified at various levels on top of their game. This level of all-over competency inspires
confidence in potential clients because of the reduced loss margin implied by the reduced risk factor.

At Checha, education / training is not only about improving knowledge and skills and boosting
productivity, it is also about transforming lives. With its' skills development programme Checha
aims to improve the quality of life of its workers.
Checha is always looking to update the training
of our staff so we keep up with new and improved procedures to ensure that projects are carried
out in the safest and most effective manner.

Checha Scaffolding & Transport puts a very high premium on safety. All employees are safety-trained
and educated and every effort is made to ensure a safe, healthy working environment for employees
by providing information, instructions, training and supervision. Strict adherence to Safety Standards
further ensures that Checha operations are conducted with the lowest possible risk factor involved.
Inspectors are appointed on sites to define the quality and type of scaffolding to be used and to ensure
scaffolding is erected to OHSA required standards. All persons involved in the erection and dismantling
of scaffolding are inducted in the risks and hazards of scaffold work, and trained in the correct use of
materials, tools, equipment and safety procedures. Risk assessments are compiled by the erection
team and each member of the team is fully conversant with the risks involved in the erection and
dismantling of the scaffolding.